A Cowboy To Celebrate Again

A Cowboy to Celebrate Again by Chris Martin, book cover, snowy trees in background. Tree ecorated for Christmas in the foreground. Buy this book now from Amazon
Release Date: Dec 2022
Series: Sagebrush #3


Lydia Montrose pulled into the Down River Ranch’s makeshift parking lot, a wide flat grassy area that bordered the highway outside the barbed wire fence.
She walked toward the barn where the set designers were working.
Some of them had gone elsewhere for their Christmas hiatus, but many had stayed in Sagebrush. A good handful of the ones that had stayed were working on the director’s personal project for extra pay.

The late morning sun and the vigorous walk across the prairie grass field warmed her enough that she peeled off her jacket. She’d only worn it because the old men at Bite To Eat said that weather was coming in later today.

Well, one of the old men had predicted that forecast. A blue norther’, he called it.
The other men sitting next to him at the counter had argued back that the latest they’d ever seen a blue norther’ had been in November. Christmas Eve was way too late in the year, they’d said.

Since this was her first Christmas in Sagebrush, she didn’t know what to expect. She was a long way from New York City, that’s for sure. This town surprised and charmed her every day.

As she came within shouting distance of the big barn that doubled as a stage set for the network series, Tumbleweeds, Lydia’s phone buzzed at the same time a set designer called out her name
“Hey, Lydia, can you come over here for a minute?”

She took a quick peek at her phone.


Resisting temptation to read the message he left for her, she headed toward the barn and the designers who had hailed her.

What was that her grandmother used to say? Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.
She was playing a stupid game with Trent. She knew it, and she knew that she would come out the loser if she kept it up, but she couldn’t seem to help herself.
Sabotage is what she did to potential relationships. It was comfortable. She knew how to handle loss.

She didn’t know how to handle love. Or even friendship.

About This Book: 

In this Christmas collection, will these women of Sagebrush get what their hearts most desire?

Who is the mysterious cowboy that Lydia has been walking out with? Why won't she introduce the man she is spending so much time with to her friends? And why is she so insistent that he's not her boyfriend?

What is the gift Gina longs and dreads to give to her new husband, Zach? Is that the prodigal oldest son, Adam, that has come to her rescue? Is Adam finally home at last?

Where are Sylvia and Shawn on their wedding day? When the music starts, why doesn't the bride walk down the aisle? When was the last time anyone saw the groom? Has Shawn finally moved on, like he always said he would?

Will it take a Christmas miracle to bring peace, love and joy to the Rivers brothers and the women who love them?

A Cowboy to Celebrate is an anthology of three short stories intertwined. This novella-length collection is stand-alone. But to enjoy the cameo appearances and significance of past events, and to get the full emotional impact of this story, the reader may want to enjoy A Cowboy To Love Again and A Cowboy To Need Again before reading A Cowboy To Celebrate Again.

Sagebrush River Ranch Reading Order

  1. A Cowboy To Love Again (Zach's story)
  2. A Cowboy To Need Again (Shawn's story)
  3. A Cowboy To Celebrate Again
  4. A Cowboy To Trust Again (Adam's story)

The River Ranch Second Chance Romance subseries is complete. But that doesn't mean you've seen the last of the Rivers families. Watch for them to make cameo appearances in other Sagebrush books!

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