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I really appreciate you volunteering to read FREE works and reviewing them. Some suggested review places are social media like Facebook and Twitter, review sites like GoodReads and Bookbub and online book sellers like Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and KOBO. Word of mouth and trusted recommendations are the best ways to let folks know about –well, anything, really, and– books in particular!

Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of my SuperReader ARC Team!

Each download is yours and yours alone. Please do not share.

The work you get may not have had final edits completed. Your work may contain typos and commas in all the wrong places. If you would like to privately message me about these issues, please feel free to do so! (You can use the contact button on this website or the email address that I’ll provide solely to my SuperReaders.) I’ll do my best to get them corrected before the final edition goes into print.

(Reminder: These downloads are ALWAYS free to you, my SuperReader.) The download links and books I send you will have an expiration date. I know, we all get busy and prioritize, so I don't want to put a time limit on things, but I have to. Expiration dates are one of the few tool authors have to try to stop the pirates who steal our work. 
Remember, for many of us, we pay our bills with the money we make from selling our books. If we don't sell our books, we don't get paid and can't afford to write these books. You, Dear SuperReader, will always get the downloads free.  This expiration date is to try to hamper those who would like to give away my work without my permission or even sell it for their own profit. Again, thank you, thank you for volunteering to help me spread the word about my works!

I might also need input from folks who know my stories well. I’d like to occasionally send out emails asking for your opinions on things like character names or plot points or even whose story to write next! Would that be okay with you? If you’d rather not weigh in, feel free to ignore the emails asking for input.

If you read something I’ve sent you that is just not for you, No Worries! We all have differences in taste. If there is something that really bothers you, please feel free to let me know. I am a diligent and voracious researcher, and always value seeing something from a different angle.

And finally, THE SIGNUP FORM!

Entering your name and email address to join the SuperReaders means you have read and agree with all the stuff I’ve written above this form.

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