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A Cowboy To Love Again by Chris Martin Buy this book now from your favorite bookseller
Release Date: September 16, 2022
Series: Sagebrush #1



“Gina.” He said her name for the first time in twenty-one years. The syllables rolled right off his tongue like they always had.

Now he wished he’d have shaved and dried his hair. And gotten a haircut last week. And left the farm earlier so he wouldn’t be an hour late.

But he couldn’t have left earlier, couldn’t have left a cow in distress. Couldn’t have pulled Shawn away from his online classes earlier. Couldn’t have gone off to her expensive university with her when she had pleaded with him all those years ago. Couldn’t have chosen her over everything and everybody that depended on him. Just couldn’t have.

Just like the last time they’d seen each other, Zach didn’t have the right words to make it all better for everyone.

About This Book: 

Zach's Story. Gina Middleton took her heart to San Francisco, leaving Zach Rivers behind. After high school graduation, she accepted the first scholarship she could wrangle and headed to university, hoping Zach would follow her.

He would have if he could have. But family troubles kept him at River Ranch as he struggled to save the family legacy.

After a disastrous marriage and divorce, Gina is back in Sagebrush as the high school’s vice principal.

When Zach finds himself in the vice principal’s office, will he pass on this second chance at love, or will he make the grade this time before it’s too late?

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